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Portofino, Deauville, Punta del Este, Lamu, Lago Como, Biarritz, East Hampton... During the first half of the XX century, these were some of the most exclusive destinations chosen by the aristocracy, film stars or even the most select business elite. Those were summer privileged enclaves where they could give free rein to their particular conception of the dolce far niente. They were the golden years of Hollywood and the Dolce Vita, when the length of the sailing ships competed with the quantity of Pinot Noir that was used for the production of the best French champagne that was served in some never-ending social events and where, occasionally, the rigth inclination of the brim of the panama hat could become even more important than the closing of Wall Street. For this social strata, the beginning of the transcontinental civil aviation, which set the transition of the heavy trunks, typical of the last century, to the avant-garde luggage, enabled the extension and the enjoyment of some places, where they could practice their innate luxury love, looking for the company of the sea.

Swim & Co. re-interprets the classic swimsuit of that time, a garment true to its origins and nature but updated to contemporary canons, combining tradition and modernity, but always providing the maximun attention to detail. The facets of the pattern designs are reflected in their exquisite cut and impeccable finish. The fabrics and prints that are chosen are the result of a very careful selective process. This selection is based on the presumption of personality, uniqueness and timelessness which together with excellent craftsmanship result in the creation of a unique swimsuit creation.